Good afternoon, we hope this communication finds everyone enjoying their weekend. This year continues to provide many challenges with regards to supplies, staffing and the everyday unknowns. A big thank goes out to Chuck, Craig, Chasity & Daniel along with their respective teams and our Membership for all their hard work and cooperation as we are all in this together. With that being said, we would like to provide an update with where we are and projected timelines:  


  • Effective today, August 1st, ALL MEMBER FOOD AND BEVERAGE MINIMUM BALANCES WILL BE FORGIVEN FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2021. Thank you for all your cooperation. 
  • Club now provides necessary Health Insurance for all qualified employees effective May 2021 
  • Club has offered an Employee Referral Incentive for the hiring of new employees                       
  • $4,500 in incentive checks to current and new employees was paid out this past pay period! 
  • Kristin Seymour has been promoted to member coordinator  (All events will be scheduled through Kristin moving forward and will still work select days as Lead Bartender)
  • Savana Manley has been promoted to front of house F&B manager (Will focus on Server Training and Scheduling) 
  • Justin “Big Jutt” Burton has been promoted to Sous Chef

Clubhouse Renovation: 

  • Trash area repaired 
  • Parking area being scheduled to be sealed 
  • Handicap parking
  • Fire pit being scheduled for completion 
  • Phase 2 landscape being scheduled 
  • Sound panels ordered and scheduled to be installed end of August 
    • 8 – 24’ x 48’ panels installed in tap room
    • 4 – 24’ x 48’ panels installed in hallway in between Tap Room and Carolina Room

Golf Operations:

  • Bunker Restoration (Project was scheduled to be completed by April and due to early weather with 47 days no work and with back ordered deliveries we are 3+ months behind)
  • Holes 17, 18, 5, 6 with minor work to 7 and 9 left.
  • All supplies for the remaining holes to be completed have been on order and we are waiting on deliveries with an expected total delivery next 4 weeks
  • Based on supplier communications, we should be able to complete this part of project with next deliveries
  • The Polymer (application that bonds gravel prior to sand installation) has been on an allocated shipment per facility for the last 2 months and now is completely out of stock with manufacture. Cost have increased 20% – 30% since project has started due to allocations
  • We continue to communicate daily with Environment Landscaping and all teams are doing the best to get this part of the project completed given the challenges
  • Once Bunker Restoration project is completed, 
    Club will begin work on golf cart path repairs, practice facility and completing project on hole #4 with bridge and  water feature
  • Forward tees to be identified
  • Online Tee Time Reservations (We have been working diligently with other area partners on updated tee sheet and “online reservations” platform scheduled for October 2021 
  • Multiple reservations accepted through new online tee time reservation software

Food & Beverage:

  • Effective today, August 1st, ALL MEMBER FOOD & BEVERAGE BALANCES WILL BE FORGIVEN FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2021. Thank you for your cooperation
  • Menus have been modified weekly to adapt to delivers and INCREASED FOOD COSTS from vendors just like everything else
  • There are times when our delivery trucks do not arrive at all, are late when scheduled or products ordered do not make it on the trucks
  • Products ordered at a certain price may change by the time the order is processed and we don’t know until delivery.
  • Staff has don’t a great job of being proactive on weekly offerings
  • Staffing challenges
  • With the new clubhouse, the Club now has 3 kitchens to operate compared to years past when we only had 2
  • Main Kitchen, Slices and Cabana
  • This summer through today we have only had 3 cooks and we were just able to hire a Part Time Cook for weekends.
  • Good news applications have started to come in and we continue to evaluate candidates
  • Reservations will continue to be requested for evenings when dinner service is available
  • Open Table Reservations “Online” Software Platform will be available for Members to make reservations starting September (very similar to reserving a golf tee time…Great technology to be able to offer)

As stated in the beginning of this communication, thank you again for all the cooperation as we all work together during these challenging times.

All the best,