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I have been so excited to write this member highlight and I hope the suspense has been killing y’all! So let me back track for a moment to last summer. I had the pleasure of working almost exclusively every weekend down at the Cabana last summer. I have met some wonderful people down there but there was one couple I could always count on seeing their smiling faces on a beautiful Saturday. Jason and Krystal have taken time out of their terribly busy schedule to do this interview mainly because I volunteered them. With that being said, this interview was done via google docs because teamwork. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to hopefully do them justice by sharing this interview with y’all.

Tell me a little about you and your family?
Krystal: I grew up in New Haven, CT – which was awesome because I was super close to NYC and Boston. It was great to be able to hop on a train for a few hours and go into the city. I also enjoyed being so close to the beach – that was something I did pretty regularly in the warmer months. I started with Verizon answering phones in Customer Service when I was twenty years old, and I have just celebrated sixteen years with them! Now, I work on predictive insights (AI/Machine Learning), thinking about what customers might want to “do” next with their plan or service, etc. I am kind of a homebody – I enjoy spending time with my family. I am a mom to Mason, who is typically riding his bike around the neighborhood or fishing near the Cabana. With any free time I have, I am working on school assignments – finishing up a degree in Business/Data Science.

Jason: I spent the first thirty years of my life living in the great state of Michigan! I spent a lot of time walleye and salmon fishing in the Great Lakes during the summers and I loved to ice fish and snowmobile in the winters! I briefly ran track (100m & 200m) in college before tearing my knee up which led me into Broadcast school prior to finishing up my degree in communications. Spent the next eight years working for the University of Michigan, ESPN, and WXYT/WWJ in Detroit. I have been fortunate enough to be on the field for numerous Michigan/Ohio State games, covered the 2005 Super Bowl from radio row to game access, interviewed guys like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson to Justin Verlander, and Miguel Cabrera. I have covered multiple NBA finals with the Pistons and a World Series with the Tigers. Even a Ryder Cup at Oakland Hills before I had ever played golf. Albeit, going to all these events was a dream, losing the time with friends and family during these events took a toll so I shifted career paths. Started at Verizon in 2009 which led me to South Carolina in 2012. Currently, I am a system analysis engineer designing ways for our chatbot to promote a guided self-serve environment. I consider myself a pretty big techie and I love anything that involves competition. I am a huge fan of all my Detroit teams, and I am an avid supporter of Chelsea FC.

How long have y’all lived at Grand Harbor?
Krystal: We have been in Grand Harbor since October 1, 2020. We moved from Lake Cooley in Inman. We have also lived in Simpsonville and Greenville during our ten years in South Carolina.

What made y’all decide to settle down roots at Grand Harbor?
Krystal: We came here regularly to visit Joan Muhme, Jason’s mom, and really liked the community. We were working in the Greenville office at the time – living here was off the table with the commute. Once the pandemic hit and we were working from home full time, living in Grand Harbor became an option. We only looked at two houses here and love the one we have!

What is your favorite thing to do here?
Krystal: My favorite thing to do here is probably going to the cabana and relaxing with a Diet Coke (sometimes a cocktail). If we are not with friends, I throw in my earbuds and listen to a good podcast. I have not really gotten into golf much.

Jason: Previously, I would have said spending all day out on my Boston Whaler fishing all over the lake. However, the golf bug has bitten me pretty hard. Spending most of my life playing everything under the sun except for golf, it is tough to beat a day out on our beautiful course. Yet, spending the day at the cabana with some good music playing, friends and family around drinking some cold ones easily tops my list.

How would y’all like to see Grand Harbor grow?
Jason: A few things come to mind when thinking about this community growing. We would love to see the continued effort to communicate with the community about what is going on. We would love to see future events that bring everyone together!

What is something unique about you? (A fun fact) –
Krystal: I have pretty eclectic taste in the things I like or hobbies I have – I love interior design and went through an online class for it, just for fun. I also spend a lot of time listening to podcasts

or watching documents on anything related to true crime or forensics. Before I landed in Tech, I wanted to be a prosecutor or a scientist.

Jason: Covering Michigan football for eight years afforded me the opportunity to be on ESPN’s College Gameday every Saturday during the football season. Mainly on the radio side, they would call to get updates on injury reports, lineups, pregame news. This was way before blogging was so popular. They would pay me a per game rate to provide them with any information they needed and to get interviews post game. It was very cool to be on air all across the nation every weekend and being a part of some wild games.

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