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Nestled on the southern shores of beautiful Lake Greenwood, Grand Harbor Golf and Yacht Club is located in the historic town of Ninety Six, South Carolina, just 15 miles from Greenwood and about an hour from Greenville, Columbia and Augusta.  Both Ninety Six and Greenwood are charming small towns known for their warm southern hospitality.

Along with one of the best hospital systems in the Southeast and a low cost of living, you’ll find an abundance of restaurants, grocery stores, continuing education opportunities and all the other conveniences you expect just a short drive from Grand Harbor.  It’s truly the perfect marriage of seclusion and convenience.

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Grand Harbor Golf & Yacht Club


200 Grand Harbor Boulevard

Ninety Six, SC  29666

Real Estate Inquiries: 864-432-1752

Clubhouse: 864-543-3203

Business Office: 864-543-2011

Pro Shop: 864-543-2000

E Mail: [email protected]

Grand Harbor