Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville is the largest city in the Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson Combined Statistical Area (CSA), which in 2006 had an estimated population of 1,203,795, making it the largest CSA in the state of South Carolina. As the largest city in the Upstate, Greenville offers many activities and attractions. Greenville’s theatres and event venues regularly host major concerts and touring theater companies.  Notable event venues include:

Bon Secours Arena, a 16,000-seat arena in downtown Greenville which hosts major concerts and sporting events each year.

Peace Center, a performing arts center that hosts touring Broadway shows, symphonies, concerts, and civic events.

The Warehouse Theatre offers productions of live theatre.  A cornerstone of Greenville’s Historic West End, it is the home of fifteen (sometimes more) productions a year.

Center Stage, Greenville’s professional theater, is a year-round theater hosting the annual New Play Festival.

Fluor Field at the West End is the home of the Greenville Drive, the A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.

Whether for a leisurely walk next to the Reedy River falls or a night of music and fast-paced entertainment, Downtown Greenville is the place to go for fun just about any day of the week. Visit the Greenville Convention and Tourism Bureau website at for more information

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Grand Harbor, 200 Grand Harbor Boulevard, Ninety-Six, South Carolina
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