Greenwood County’s Low Cost of Living

Residents at Grand Harbor enjoy an amazing quality of life. The communities are well maintained by a self-sustaining Homeowner’s Association, the impressive suite of completed amenities along with Lake Greenwood provides endless opportunities for fun and relaxation and the nearby towns of Ninety Six and Greenwood offer a wide variety of dining and entertainment options. As important as all these things are, though, one of the best parts of being in Grand Harbor is the incredibly low cost of living you’ll enjoy in this great part of the country.

Here’s a snapshot of how inexpensive it is to live in Grand Harbor, a beautiful golf and lake club community in a beautiful part of the world:

Annual Homeowner’s Association Dues: $750 – $1,050 per year depending on neighborhood

Club Social Membership Dues: $360 per month

Greenwood County Property Tax Rate ($410,000 assessed value): $2,266 annually for a full-time homeowner

Compare that to just about any community in Grand Harbor’s class and you’ll know the great life that awaits you here comes at an extremely affordable value.