Welcome to the 1st Quarter Newsletter for 2024! We want to thank you for a wonderful 2023, and we look forward to creating new memories and classic moments in the coming year!

Operations Manager Update from Chasity:

Thank you for being so supportive as I transition into the role of operations manager. I  appreciate you all and look forward to continuing to help improve Grand Harbor. The quarterly newsletter aims to inform you about the events, reminders, and opportunities at Grand Harbor. We hope to communicate updates on upcoming events and changes as early in advance and with as much detail as possible.

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Are we still getting Pickleball?

YES, although there has been a delay with weather and issues out of our control, the courts are coming! We are in direct contact with the contractor team and should have a better timeline for completion this upcoming week. We hope for more dry days in the next few weeks!


Save the Dates: